“Weapon of Choice”

( New Album: Released 3-13-13 at 3:13:13 PM )


On March 13th 2013, Savi0r released the full 12 track album “Weapon of Choice”. This is the first full length album Savi0r has released since 2009, and the first album since 2005 that was fully produced and written by Savi0r creator Adam V. Jones. To celebrate, this album was available for free download for 3 days.

“Weapon of Choice” ranges in Industrial, Darkwave, Ambient, & Synthpop.

Purchase “Weapon of Choice” HERE

A big thanks to the following for the motivation and inspiration:
Ashley Childs-Jones , Brandon Freer, David Wright, Phil Mohr, Ernst Vco, Michael Grant, Rudy Alvarado, Jamison Boaz, Ben Cheek, Brian Rowland, Tom Sheer, Alesha Byrne, Jeff Rekoske, Jeff Chan, ID Software, Anaal Nathrakh, IAMX, Marilyn Manson, Nine inch Nails, In Flames The Anix, everyone who helped share the Facebook event for the CD release, And to my beloved listeners ( you! )